Spring Buying Tips – Buyers

As the snow begins to melt, and the grass shows itself once again, the spring buying season emerges as well. Notable economist Jonathan Smoke provides us with this article, providing effective tips on spring buying. Here’s some word from Smoke on new construction: “If you are shopping in an area where new homes are being…


You MUST Refinance – Mortgages

Close to eight million home-owners have already hit rock bottom, due to a lack of refinancing. Don’t join the club. “Recent reductions in the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage could net the population of borrowers big savings if they would refinance, according to Black Knight Financial Services’ latest Mortgage Monitor Report. “Before the most recent reductions in…


Too Much Personality? – Sellers

Warning: selling your house usually means someone different will be buying. Make sure it can be their house. “Many sellers love their homes. They’ve made some of their most important memories there, and their home is literally where their heart is. When these homeowners took on improvements, from painting rooms to kitchen and bath renovations,…



“Hey you – the one putting electric green shag carpet in all the bedrooms. The one turning the dining room into a bedroom – without a closet. The one transforming your kitchen into an homage to Arabian Nights. The one painting all the walls black and replacing all the wood baseboards with Lucite. What are you…


Buy Your Home Now! – Buyers

BUY! “The nature of market bottoms is that it’s hard to tell one’s occurred until prices and sales volume start to rise again. That’s why the best time to buy is when market conditions suggest a bottom. That means there’s still some risk for homebuyers, since no one has a crystal ball that predicts the…


Foreclosures at a new low; will it stick?

Foreclosures: “Black Knight Financial Services released its “First Look” at May Mortgage data, which found that foreclosure inventory declined to its lowest level since July 2008. As a percentage of total inventory, foreclosure pre-sale inventory is 1.91 percent, down 5.56 percent month-over month. The percentage of total U.S. foreclosure pre-sale inventory is down 37.23 percent…


Pest Control: An Introspective View

Pest control: “As time goes on and environmental science improves and lawyers continue to discover niche markets in our domestic disasters, sellers are required to make more and more kinds of disclosures. These are like the scriptures that you, the faithful buyer, must interpret with the help of the holy experts. The most multifarious of…


How to Decorate Like The Stars for Great Prices – Sellers

We can all be very envious towards celebrities sometimes, for their lavish and glamorous lifestyles, and particularly the way they decorate the homes. Don’t worry, though, because this Realty Times article gives you some great tips on how to decorate your Hollywood-potential home for great prices.