Seller Disclosures are VITAL – Sellers

Seller disclosures are the reports you must make prior to selling a house, that cover topics such as the state of appliances, what may be lying behind the walls, and the presence of radon or lead-based paint. These provided facts will make it much easier for the middle men to process the sale, and also…


Add Value to Your Backyard! – Sellers

To truly add value to their home before completing a sale, the exterior experience of your property must be in prime condition for presentation. This area of your is more vital to the sale than you may think. There are many tips and tricks to enhancing the quality and appeal of your lawn, sidings, and…


How to Decorate Like The Stars for Great Prices – Sellers

We can all be very envious towards celebrities sometimes, for their lavish and glamorous lifestyles, and particularly the way they decorate the homes. Don’t worry, though, because this Realty Times article gives you some great tips on how to decorate your Hollywood-potential home for great prices.

Why YOU Should Choose Century 21 – Sellers

Here at Century 21 Riverpointe, we do whatever it takes to ensure that your real estate transaction is the best that it can be. Whether you are buying, selling, or renting, Century 21 Riverpointe agents are looking out for you. With state of the art technology and tools, our service will be the best you…



If you are a homeowner in the market to sell, there are two things you want to be done before you invest in another home: the home you currently own in the possession of another person or family, and a valuable settlement for the aforementioned property. In order to accomplish these advisories, you’ll want to…